Pregnant Chihuahua Has Big Belly But After 10th Puppy Arrives Foster Mom Learns Her Even Bigger Secret



A pregnant Chihuahua has a huge belly when pregnant simply due to their small size. However, one Chihuahua’s owner discovered that it was far more than just a standard delivery of puppies.

Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption of Olathe, Kansas had rescued a pregnant Chihuahua who looked bigger than average, but they thought that was because her puppies were due any day now. That’s just in time since they’d rescued her from a pet hoarding situation that could have put the puppies at risk.


Shelter manager Jessica Bennett put the pregnant Chihuahua with foster parent Josie Boyd Brown. They knew the puppies were due, but they didn’t know how many were going to arrive. Neither did anyone else.  At first, they attended the delivery. Two puppies, three puppies, five puppies, then six puppies. (The average litter for a Chihuahua is about five, so having that any wasn’t a surprise.) What surprised everyone was the dog’s behavior. The mother dog kept going in laps, so the attending humans knew the puppies were still coming.  Then came puppies eight, nine, ten… or so Josie thought…


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