Pregnant Chihuahua Has Big Belly But After 10th Puppy Arrives Foster Mom Learns Her Even Bigger Secret



The twelve hour delivery seemed to be over. The next day, the foster parent checked on the puppies and had to do a recount. There weren’t ten puppies – there were eleven of them. Yes, there were eleven puppies. That’s a lot of puppies. That’s a lot for the new mom to handle.


As of this writing, all of these Chihuahua puppies have survived, and none of these puppies were stillborn.  The irony of all of this is that it happened on March 23, National Puppy Day. And we can safely say that not all of these puppies would have survived if Mom hadn’t been rescued and put in a proper home. In fact, if she’d given birth in the over-crowed situation, it is possible none of the puppies would have survived.

More on Laugh Out Loud’s record-breaking birth in the video next page…


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