Owners Abandon ‘Paralyzed’ 6-Week-Old Puppy To Be Put Down – Minutes Later, Vet Realizes She’s Moving

source: facebook.com


Love for pets should be unconditional but this is not true for some pet owners. Some or even most of them abandon their cute little pets once they sense an inconvenient situation or a sign of imperfection. Yet, love for pets should be whether they are in good or bad condition.

A little six week old puppy, Bo, is an example of these abandoned pets. Bo was abandoned by her family when they got to realise she could not walk anymore like they way she used to. They thought she was paralysed and decided to take her to the veterinarian and never bring her home again.

The Hand In Paw shelter later on posted on their face book page talking about Bo, “I know I have not posted much on little Bo, she is the puppy that was left at the vet by her family, with an order for euthanasia at first because they thought she was paralysed. However…


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