Owners Abandon ‘Paralyzed’ 6-Week-Old Puppy To Be Put Down – Minutes Later, Vet Realizes She’s Moving


The Hand In Paw shelter later on posted on their face book page talking about Bo, “I know I have not posted much on little Bo, she is the puppy that was left behind at the vet by her family. She was diagnosed with euthanasia at first because they thought she was paralysed. However, it turned out that she had low blood sugar! She is doing much better now. Although she is being treated on puppy strangles at the moment as well, she will be recovered and fine in no time.”

Bo’s family should have stayed at least to confirm that she was suffering from euthanasia, but they did not. After several tests the vets did on Bo, they found out that Bo was hypoglycaemic. The owner of Hand In Paw, Piper Wood, took the responsibility of taking care of Bo. She gave her a new name as well, Bella.

“Maybe she was not fed enough and her blood sugar became too low.” She said that about Bella’s old family.

She also added, “ it was actually something easy to fix, some fluids with a couple of IVs and she would be just fine. And it is most probably cheaper to treat than euthanasia.”

Bella’s health was not the only thing that was affected during this period, her emotions needed to be attended to as well.  She was not comfortable around people, always frightened that made her shake a lot. However…


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