Puppy Caged His Whole Life – Watch When He Runs Free For the First Time


İmpressive dog named is Liszka passed her time of days in a cage lack of water and nutrition.

While Liszka was found by her savers in Poland, Unfortunately, she could not have a chance to walk and her muscles were hardening because she was locked in a cage for a long time, so this situation developed contractures on her legs.

Moreover, when somebody came close to her, she began to shiver as she was afraid of people.

For months, poor puppy was shut down in cage which was a small and powdery environment with her scats by her offender owner. And poor puppy never saw the outside world as long as she stayed in her cage.

Furthermore; Liszka was in a bad condition; her leg started to lose their function due to shortage of use.

A veterinarian…


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