Aggressive Feral Cat Hated Human Contact, and then Tiny Kittens Walk Into Room



Although, feral cats are not always cranky, feral cats could have difficulty in interacting with people because there are not too many people around the feral cats.

In British Columbia, one feral cat named is Mason lived in rural area in Langley.

Mason’s had a big wound that it was growing on his one paw and he also had another wounds in his body. In addition he had to be operated on his teeth. It was done and he was brought in a home by a helpful person. But this person did not adopt Mason.


According to Tiny Kittens site “the feral cat had seen how his wild feelings had been rooted throughout the recovery period. And also the feral cat was one of the oldest cat we have ever seen.” She wrote to there.

Results of blood work also showed that…


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