Aggressive Feral Cat Hated Human Contact, and then Tiny Kittens Walk Into Room


Results of blood work also showed that he had severe kidney disease, and the rescue group was encountered with either having him euthanized or providing hospice care. They selected second option: “We had intent to provide his safety, freedom and comfort due to releasing from his pain. But his wounds showed us how difficult he had struggled to stay alive in the long term.”


After a while, he was adopted by volunteer people. However, he was still in a wild cat although they attempted to pet him. Also these people had couple of kittens in a different area of her house. One day she brought to kittens to play in the main part of house and she watched Mason. In surprisingly, the old guy licked the kittens and he cheered up and also rolling around on the floor. He shifted into a big softie cat.

“When Scrammy (ginger kitten) started licking Mason’s ear…


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