Woman Pulls Over When She Sees a Trash Bag Walking Down the Street


Malissa Sergent Lewis faced with an interesting event which it would never come to her mind when she went to work last week. Melisa saved a life and this trip changed her life.

Last Thursday, Lewis was late for her job at the primary school, so she decided to use the shortcut road. She was rushing on the way to the silent street, despite her hurry, at that moment something caught her eye.

“I noticed trash bag and it was moving. I could not believe my eyes. And I ask myself “Did I see the trash bag move?” I closed to bag slowly and it was still moving.” She told the Dodo. “I could not understand for a while and I thought it was hallucination. But something was alive in this bag, and I must save and take this out.”

Video Lewis captured on her cell phone shows…


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