Dog Who’d Been Lost For 2 Years Doesn’t Realize Dad’s Standing Right In Front Of Her


Two years down the drain and still sweet Pakita couldn’t find a home.

The dog was brought in by an individual who claimed to have found her roaming the streets with no collar ID. at animal rescue charity, volunteer Silvia and her colleagues gladly welcomed her, but still, Pakita remained withdrawn and unhappy. She kept being left behind for happier younger dogs. She was disturbed, and it took time before settling down in the new abode far away from home.

The next day Ariel arrived to meet up with the dog. Upon their meeting, Pakita remained hesitant and withdrawn as expected. But things took a change when…

But things took a change when she met a recognizable friend.

Things took a change when Pakita caught a familiar smell.   Taking a good picture of the dog was a hustle, shy Pakita kept hiding her face. Finally, workers got a good caption and posted it online for animal adoption. Immediately, they got a response from a woman claiming that the dog belonged to her son and that they were looking for it.

Ariel Naveira, the woman’s son lost Pakita two years ago when she ran away from home. He thought he would never see her again. The idea that this could be her excited Ariel.

He arrived the next day to confirm the possibility. When Pakita was brought out…

When Pakita was brought out, she was understandably hesitant and remained withdrawn. But things took a change when she caught a familiar smell.

Pakita’s mood instantly changed. She became very excited and happy to see a long-lost face. As sad as it was for Ariel to lose Pakita, reuniting made it all go away. Everyone was astonished at the sight of the two.

Photo credits: Ariel Naveira and Arca Animal del Ptdo. de Mar Chiquita

It was a joyful reunion of two buddies that had missed each other for quite some time.   Now back home, the little pouch has returned to her normal self. Ariel’s family is delighted to have their dog back, and everything seems to be as before.

Photo credits: Ariel Naveira and Arca Animal del Ptdo. de Mar Chiquita

The family threw a big party to welcome the long lost member of the family. Pakita was fed with some of the delicacies that included high energy biscuits, fish fillet and peanut butter spread on milk bones. He will be fed well and given the best pet healthcare and vet plans for dogs that will make him live longer. With a year gone since Pakita was reunited with her family, her happiness is far from fading.

The family has learnt a painful lesson of losing their cherished pet is more careful not to let her on her own without being attended to.

When asked, Naveira says he is happy since they felt lonely without Pakita


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