‘Dead’ Dog Lifts His Head Up When The Person He’s Been Waiting For Comes To Take Him Home


After a while, Judy Obregon received the good news that Gully has fully recovered. Crystal, Judy’s best friend adopted him as a foster as they were looking for a permanent home for the admirable pup.

What astonished every person who met the dog is that he had quickly forgotten the days he suffered on the streets and started to trust humans immediately. He becomes friendly to people winning admiration from his handlers and others.

Finally, Gully has a new home and a perfect life where he will not worry about staying hungry or being on the cold. In his new home, no one will mistreat him. He will be fed well and given the best pet healthcare and vet plans for dogs that will make him live longer.

Judy Obregon is always grateful to the person who contacted and sent that heartbreaking picture of the dog. Judy points out that if it weren’t for that woman, Gully would be dead.


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