Motorist Stops To Help Stray Pup, Notices She’s Protecting A Hidden Treasure


A miserable stray dog sits on a pile of trash left baking by a desert sun, surrounded by discarded tires and car parts. Many people drive past the white dog with the black ears perched on the trash pile, too busy to care. One driver notices the animal and stops in concern for a dog out in the heat. The driver gets close and then realizes the dog is protecting a hidden treasure …

The dog is plain to see. What many don’t want to see is why the dirty white terrier stays there. It is guarding something. Luckily for the dog, one driver did care to check and chose to come over and help. The driver stopped his vehicle and walked over to the dog.

He realized the situation was far worse than a dog simply sitting out in the unbearable heat. The dog wasn’t…


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