Motorist Stops To Help Stray Pup, Notices She’s Protecting A Hidden Treasure


The dog wasn’t on the trash pile alone. It wasn’t alone at all. Inside a tire beside the dog were two canines in distress. Their black and grey bodies may have made them hard for others to see. The degree to which they were dirty certainly didn’t help matters. There were actually three dogs in need of rescue. All were dehydrated and likely malnourished, too.

The driver knew Faith Easdale. Faith is an animal rescuer with the group Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue. Faith Easdale and Cassandra Aldridge rushed to the site once the driver informed them of the situation. They recognized that the dogs were severely dehydrated. They gave the dogs all the necessary fluids at a dog vet. However, this wasn’t all that the dogs suffered from.

They were dealing with ticks, and they had tooth problems. To add to the stress, they found out…


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