Man Walking Dog Suddenly Stops To Brutalize Her, Unaware He Is Being Recorded


Instead of trying to find out what was wrong, he started to throw terrible punches at the dog, directly in her face. He was intentionally aiming at her face, hitting her repeatedly. But that wasn’t all he did.  He then picked seized the stunned animal, picked it and threw it to the ground. It was rather like a wrestler body slamming another. But this horrible abuse wasn’t enough for him. He then continued, outrageously, to punch the dog. And body slammed the dog a couple more times, too.

The video footage was captured in May, 2017. The video was first uploaded by Misha Javed, though it was quickly shared by many others. She didn’t share it for the votes or the shock value – she had a good reason for both filming and sharing on social media. We’ll tell you why.


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